Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Colorectal cancer, also known as bowel cancer, is cancer that starts in the colon or rectum. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women, and it is highly treatable when

Sitz Bath

Sitz baths are a simple and effective way to provide relief for various conditions affecting the anal area, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and anal fistulas. This therapeutic technique involves

Healthy Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for overall well-being and can bring a multitude of benefits to an individual’s life. In contrast, being underweight or overweight can pose significant

Washing or Wiping

When it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, some topics may make us a little uncomfortable. One such topic is how to clean the anal area after a passing motion. While some of us think that

Top 10 Hydrating Foods

We are all soon going to find ourselves struck under the heat waves of Chennai’s very own summer. Months of long, hot, humid days with temperatures sometimes soaring to heated degrees… While you

Top 4 foods for super immunity

Kickstart your week with these 4 superfoods to your diet for an extra flu-fighting punch!

Top 6 Benefits of Drinking water

Water is the main component of the human body. The amount of water you consume everyday plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. Whether you want shinier hair, younger skin or a healthier

10 Great Source of iron for active women

Iron is essential for the proper growth and development of the human body. It also helps metabolize proteins and plays a role in the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

8 Nutrients women need most

At every stage of women’s lives, right nutrients play a vital role in maintaining good health and optimal energy. But certain nutrient becomes especially important. Knowing which matter most

7 Impressive health benefits of lemon

Lemons are acidic to the taste but are alkaline-forming in the body. In fact, they are packed with nutrients, including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.

5 Do’s & Dont’s when suffering from Piles!

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. When the walls of these vessels are stretched, they become irritated. Although hemorrhoids can be

Top 8 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is a delicious and refreshing low-calorie natural beverage. Tender coconut water contains more nutrients than mature coconut water. It’s packed with #antioxidants, amino acids,

How about some health in a glass

How about some health in a glass? All you need is some fruit and veggies. Yes, there have been multiple health drinks in the past but none that can work as flawlessly as the Miracle Drink! It is

Sitting can be Injurious to Health

If you are a woman, and you suffer from any of these ailments, there’s help at hand. Introducing a revolutionary laser treatment that is safe and promises easy and quick recovery.

Vitamins for Hair growth

Take 1-2 capsules or 1tbsp of fish oil daily to help reduce inflammation that causes hair disorders.

Beauty Tips – Inside out

Apply your sun screen even if you only make a quick trip to the grocery store. Yes, you can get harmful UV rays even while driving your car! When you purchase sun screen, make certain you are buying

Ignoring Piles Can Just Pile On Problems

Like many people, Sanjay (name changed) didn’t enjoy visiting the doctor – but was particularly reluctant to seek help for his rectal problems.

A variety of health conditions

Pranayama is very useful to deal with a variety of health conditions. However, people don’t often have the time to learn the right technique. This article provides you with an alternate,

Listen to Your Heart

If something went wrong with your heart, would you know it? Not all heart problems come with clear warning signs. There is not always an alarming chest clutch followed by a fall to the floor like you


Gastritis which most of us are aware of is inflammation of the lining of the stomach and has many possible causes.[1] Common causes of gastritis are excessive alcohol consumption or prolonged use of

Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at a computer monitor for hours on end has become a part of the modern workday. And inevitably, all ofthat staring can put a real strain on your eyes. The name for eye problems caused by

COLD – Facts and Myths

There’s no cure for the common cold.  Find out what’s effective — and what’s Cold remedies : What works If you catch a cold, you can expect to be sick for one to two weeks. That

Best nuts for your heart

Nuts are nature's way of showing us that good things come in small packages. These bite-size nutritional powerhouses are packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Nuts are

Let it Go

Depression can be a difficult thing to deal with. You tend to feel helpless and lose faith in everything. It becomes difficult to believe that things will ever get better, and no matter how hard you

Stand, Don’t Sit, to Get Healthier, Researchers Say

Even if you exercise, sitting for long periods linked to higher blood sugar, cholesterol levels. A new study found that sitting appears to be linked to increased blood sugar and cholesterol levels,

5 Myths and Truths

Vitamin D is being touted as a super nutrient that can help everything from heart disease to cancer. But is it really as great as it’s made out to be? Myth Clinical trials have proven that

Simple steps to lower cholesterol

Change your diet and lifestyle to manage your cholesterol and to lower your risk of heart disease. Your body needs a small amount of cholesterol to function properly. But we may get too much

Too Much Sitting May Shorten Your Life

Getting out of the chair for just 30 minutes more a day has health benefits. A new study finds that sitting less may extend your life. Limiting sitting time to less than three hours a day would


Vertigo is a symptom, rather than a condition itself. It’s the sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving or spinning. This feeling may be barely noticeable, or it may be so

Bid goodbye to pain with these super foods!

Ginger A staple of traditional medicine, this pungent root is best known for its anti-nausea,f stomach-soothing properties. Ginger also fights pain, including achy muscles from Ilk V exercise as well

Bad to the Bones

Bad to the Bones: What to Avoid for Bone Health 1. Too Much Salt The more salt you eat, the more calcium your body gets rid of, which means it’s not there to help your bones. Foods like breads,


What Is Hypertension? Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common condition that will catch up with most people who live into older age. Blood pressure is the force of blood pressing against


More movement, more health, more happiness. Adding in more walking, more taking the stairs, and more exercise (your favorite kinds!) will add more joy to your year. Green tea Relax, but still get the

Benefits of walking

Walking is a Gentle, low-impact exercise that’s quite easy, free and available to everyone – here’s why one should do brisk walking! 1. Walking strengthens your heart Reduce your risk of heart

15 Healthy Foods to Eat After a Binge

Yogurt The probiotic power of yogurt can help tame tummy troubles brought on by too much food. “Good” bacteria called lactobacillus can balance out bad bacteria and go after gas and diarrhea.

Hygiene in Monsoon

Monsoons can bring a lot of possible health challenges, with stagnant water, mosquitoes and disease. The monsoon or rainy season can offer particular challenges to your health, so here are some tips

Take Care from Dreaded Dengue

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease that is widespread in tropical countries. It is caused by the dengue virus and is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, during the

The Health Benefits of Water

We all need water to survive, but how exactly does it help? Did you know that your body weight is approximately 60 percent water? Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help