KeyHole Surgery

Hernia Specialist in Chennai

As opposed to earlier procedures which involved open surgeries with larger cuts and stitches, nowadays hernia surgery is performed through keyhole surgery since that is the size of the incision done to perform the procedure. Keyhole surgery is nothing but laparoscopic surgery.

A laparoscope(thin telescope with light at the end) is inserted through one of the 3 incisions that is made through the abdominal wall. Surgical instruments are inserted through the other incisions. It is also often referred to as minimally invasive or minimal access surgery.The hernia is then viewed from inside the abdomen, from the other side of the abdominal wall. Once the abdominal cavity is inflated with carbon dioxide the surgery is done remotely with long instruments.The hernia defect or hole is covered with mesh from within the abdomen and staples commonly fired through it into the muscle tissue in order to fix it as a patch.

  • Keyhole surgery requires highly skilled laparoscopic surgeons with the knack of performing surgery through a tiny hole sized opening
  • Based on the perfection of performing the surgery, rate of recurrence is determined
  • Quicker recovery and discharge from hospital as it is not as elaborate as an open surgery
  • Lesser bleeding, cuts and stitches
  • Complications such as infections, pain, etc is reduced greatly since only 3 keyhole sized openings are made in the body