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Gastritis is an irritation or inflammation of the lining of the stomach which is developed gradually over course of time (chronic) or suddenly (acute).

Stomach upset/Indigestion
Abdominal bloating/pain
Burning sensation in the stomach
Loss of appetite
Vomiting blood
Black, tarry stools
Helicobacter Pylori bacteria found in the lining of the stomach causes infection leading from gastritis to ulcers to eventually stomach cancer
Bad eating habits
Bile reflux from bile tract back into stomach
Bacterial/Viral infections
Excessive alcohol and smoking
Chronic vomiting
Excessive use of medications
Endoscopy – Insertion of a small camera from mouth until stomach to examine lining of the digestive tract and its inflammation and possibly pinch cells for biopsy
Blood Test – To screen H.Pylori bacterial infection or anemia
Stool test – To test for infection or blood in stool

Treatment of Gastritis

Avoiding spicy food
Antacids to curb acidity
Antibiotics in case of infection due to bacteria like H.Pylori
Avoiding allergic foods like gluten (wheat), lactose (dairy), etc
Vitamin B12 shots in case of anemia