Mesh Repair

Hernia Specialist in Chennai

Generally hernia does not resolve by itself unless it is umbilical hernia in infants. Hence it requires a repair or surgery to hold it in place. Earlier with no usage of mesh, hernia used to recur easily in 30% of the cases. However with the mesh repair technique, the recurrence rate has come down to a great extent. A polypropylene mesh is fitted at the top, bottom and centre of the hernia defect so as to give it a three-dimensional support. The advantage of the mesh is it allows the tension created by the repair to be spread across the abdominal wall, which in turn allows the patient to have normal movement after surgery.

Advantages of Mesh repair :

  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal stitches
  • Quick post operative recovery – discharge within 24 hours
  • Repair can be performed under local anaesthesia
  • Less painful
  • Almost zero recurrence rate
  • As effective as laparoscopic procedure with strong posterior repair