Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia

Hernia Specialist in Chennai

Laparoscopic hernia surgery is a significant part of comprehensive hernia repair. Laparoscopic surgery for hernia is a very viable option for patients looking towards recovering quickly due to prior commitments such as sports persons, etc.

After performing a 1-2 cm incision at the belly button, two smaller incisions or holes are made below the umbilicus. The belly button incision allows the camera to view the inside of the abdomen and the two smaller punctures are for the operating instruments.Initially the peritoneum and the overlying muscle is to be separated using a balloon that is inserted through the umbilicus. Once this space is created, a camera is placed under the muscle to view the hernia.

The hernia is then pulled back into the abdomen from it’s hole in the muscle. This hole can either be lateral to the blood vessels or towards the middle from the blood vessels. Once the hole is found, a small mesh is placed under the muscle to reinforce the hernia defect.

Advantages :

  • Quick recovery post surgery
  • Less stitches
  • Less susceptibility to infection
  • Less pain
  • Less complications post surgery such as bleeding, seromas, infection