A variety of health conditions

Pranayama is very useful to deal with a variety of health conditions. However, people
don’t often have the time to learn the right technique. This article provides you with an
alternate, simplified version of Pranayama that you can do on your own, although it is
always best to learn it from a Yoga master.

Pranayama is a way to purify yourself by inhaling fresh Prana – the breath filled with life,
strength, positivity and energy – and exhaling the impurities of your body and mind. Start
off by closing your eyes and breathing for a minute. When your mind is relaxed, start the

First, slowly inhale. Take a deep breath (as deep as possible), very slowly. As you do so,
imagine that you are taking the energy of God into your body. Hold this breath for as long
as you comfortably can. During this time, let the Prana (energetic breath) that you have
taken in cleanse your entire body from head to toe. Finally, exhale slowly. The exhaling
period should be longer than inhaling period. While exhaling, imagine that all the impurities
that your mind and body were cleansed of, are now leaving you.

Repeat these steps three to ten times, based on your convenience, but for not longer than
two minutes. When you’re done, sit in the same place for at least five minutes (you could
use this time for prayer).

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